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Our goal is a greener scenario find out more
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recovery project
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Berdesia is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 in Tafalla (Navarra) by a group of residents with the aim of creating a protective and permeable green environment, a mosaic formed by forests and ecological crops that connects with the nearby green areas and constitutes a green perimeter structure in Tafalla, around 400 hectares in total.

A new and large living space, attractive to wildlife, residents and visitors.
green belt that includes forest and ecological crops and that is protective and permeable.
BERDESIA is a reality that grows day by day with every tree we plant. New species are added every year and thousands of trees come to life: the forest is growing up.
Ours is a project in which we already have extensive social support. In addition, we are making progress with both Tafalla’s City Council and the Government of Navarra.
We’re looking forward you are part of it!

Did you ever imagine a green paradise surrounding your city?

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